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2021 Celestial Calendar

“There is order in the universe, even if there is no order in your immediate circumstances”

-Jane Siberry

Moon Magick

The Moon

Among the four elements, fire, water, air, and earth, the moon is closely connected with the element of water. Just as the energy of water is very fluid and in a constant state of motion, flowing back and forth, to and fro, so is the energy of the moon. You will find moon energy manifested in life threw its many rhythms and cycles including the tides of the ocean, the changing of the seasons, and how you FEEL in every moment. As the moon rules over the emotions, feelings, and the intuition, with its energetic nature being very passive and receptive. The Moon is symbolic of the Divine Mother making its energy very nurturing, parenting, and feminine. It is the celestial planet most connected to witchcraft. As witches are generally very intuitive by nature with strong feelings and an imagination. These intuitive feelings hold power as they lead you into the subconscious mind making the moon a gateway into this unseen and mysterious realm.

The moon by nature is very fast and works its way through the each moon phase and the 12 astrological signs within a 28-30 day period. This speed demonstrates the need to cultivate a balanced relationship in regards to our emotions. With the motto to achieve being ‘FEEL AND LET GO’! When we begin to sway from this philosophy of ‘feel and let go’ our emotions can begin to gain the upper hand and if not careful can begin to rule over our decision making instead of you being the master of your emotions and out comes.

Ritually Aligning ones-self to the moon can be a magical way to realize your power threw creating the life you desire.

January 2021

Black Moon: January 12, 2021 11:00pm Central / January 13, 2021 Midnight EST

New Moon: January 14th-15th, 2021

Full Moon: January 28, 2021 1:15pm Central / 2:15pm EST

February 2021

Black Moon: February 11, 2021 1:05pm Central / 2:05 EST

New Moon: February 13, 2021

Full Moon: February 27, 2021 2:17am / 3:17am EST

March 2021

Black Moon: March 13, 2021 4:21am Central / 5:21am EST

New Moon: March 14th-15, 2021

Full Moon: March 28, 2021 1:48pm Central / 2:48pm EST

April 2021

Black Moon: April 11, 2021 9:30pm Central / 10:30 pm EST

New Moon: April 14, 2021

Full Moon: April 26, 2021 10:31pm Central / 11:31pm EST

May 2021

Black Moon: May 11, 2021 1:59pm Central / 2:59pm EST

New Moon: May 14, 2021

Full Moon: May 26, 2021 6:13am Central / 7:13am EST

June 2021

Black Moon: June 10, 2021 5:52am Central / 6:52am EST

New Moon: June 12, 2021

Full Moon: June 24, 2021 1:39pm Central / 2:39pm EST

July 2021

Black Moon: July 9, 2021 8:16pm Central / 9:16pm EST

New Moon: July 12, 2021

Full Moon: July 23, 2021 9:36pm Central / 10:36pm EST

August 2021

Black Moon: August 8, 2021 8:50am Central / 9:50am EST

New Moon: August 9-10, 2021

Full Moon: August 22, 2021 7:01am Central / 8:01am EST

September 2021

Black Moon: September 6, 2021 7:51pm Central / 8:51pm EST

New Moon: September 8, 2021

Full Moon: September 20, 6:54pm Central / 7:54pm EST

October 2021

Black Moon: October 6, 2021 6:05am Central / 7:05am EST

New Moon: October 7-8, 2021

Full Moon: October 20, 2021 9:56am Central / 10:56am EST

November 2021

Black Moon: November 4, 4:14pm Central / 5:14pm EST

New Year: November 6-7, 2021

Full Moon: November 19, 2021 2:57am Central / 3:57am EST

December 2021

Black Moon: December 4, 2021 1:43am Central / 2:43am EST

New Moon: December 5 - 6, 2021

Full Moon: December 18, 2021 10:35 Central / 11:35pm EST

Lunar Eclipse May 26 5° Sagittarius 26’

Solar Eclipse June 10 19° Gemini 47’

Lunar Eclipse November 19 27° Taurus 14’

Solar Eclipse December 4 12° Sagittarius 22’

Mercury Retrograde 1/30 10:52am Direct 2/20 7:52pm

Mercury Retrograde 5/29 6:34pm Direct 6/22 6:00pm

Mercury Retrograde 9/27 1:10 am Direct 10/18 11:17am

Moon Phases

Black Moon

A seed within the ground. The black moon is symbolic of the magical power of pure thought as now is the time to plant seeds and promises of the future. During the black moon ideas are coming from the ether and it up to you to decide which of them you want to latch on to. Remember anything is possible. Meditate on your dreams. Take time to slow down and find stillness as the black moon asks you to to go within, spending time in contemplation. It is yin in nature and vibrationally is at its lowest and most magnetic point. It is most connected with psychic advancement and communion past the veil. Now signals a clean slate full of potential so dream big!

Witch’s New Moon

The first sign of life. The witch’s new moon happens around two to three days after the black moon, just as you begin to see the slightest sliver of moon light. As the moon makes its way from being invisible to full power, so is the same for your dreams. You will begin to see the first signs of your desires manifesting externally. The moon is beginning to pick up vibrationally with now being a great opportunity to conduct rituals that keep you focused on you goals while addressing and fears or hinderances. You are courageous to keep moving forward, never stop believing.

Full Moon

Harvest. If your manifestation is to come true now is when the results will present itself while remembering some require and need more time. The full moon is yang in nature and signals a time when emotions are at their peak with anxiety sometimes following. These emotions are coming to the surface to be dealt with. Take stock of these experiences and reap all divine gifts with gratitude.

Waning Crescent

Following the intensity of the full moon the vibration is beginning to wind down before starting the cycle all over again. Now is the ideal time to preform rituals of banishment as the final release of the old and worn out. Let go of all that is not serving your highest good. Heal, relax, and assess all that has occurred during the moon cycle as this will help you regroup and reevaluate future plans. Ground and center and remember the Divine has a plan for us all.

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