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The Universal Laws Of Conscious Creation


The Universal Laws are the boundaries that maintain all energetic order. They could be called the laws of truth, for unlike modern society laws which are merely an illusion created in the minds of men and further reinforced threw societies choosing to place power of belief in them, the Universal Laws transcend time and space, embody pure truth, and act as a master key in understanding all non-spiritual and spiritual phenomena. Nothing escapes the Universal Laws as they underline all of creation and in essence are immutable. They teach us how energy manifests on all levels of existence as well as acts as a blueprint to further our knowledge of self and our role within the universe.

These laws also make up the foundation of the Hermetic Philosophy brought to humanity by the great Hermes Trismegistus (also known as the Egyptian god Thoth and greek god Hermes) who resided in ancient Egypt, teaching the highest order of ascension, god-realization, and conscious manifestation. As we make our way into the Aquarian Age these teachings will become more widely accepted and in time serving as a replacement for the current laws of government and society. To align ones self with these laws is to epitomize truth and divine-realization in the highest order, choosing to view life from the higher mind, the mind of liberation, creation, and ultimate power, versus the lower mind of enslavement and illusion.

Below you will find seven of the Universal Laws that carry much importance, as there are multiple upon multiple universal laws to study.


This principle embodies the truth that the universe is mental. Everything in creation is a mental construct and creative expression from

Prime Creator. The universe being the womb and ALL of creation being the products from the creative mind of the Divine. This explains how all creations (those that are apparent to our material senses and those psychic in nature) are a living creative by-product of the ‘infinite’ living mind of Prime Creator. Creator being the life force and sustainable reality or consciousness underlaying all outward manifestations, and while we reside within the womb of creation we are safe and loved as Creator is always with us never separate.

Our mind is the micro-cosmic version of Creators mind which is termed the macro-cosmic mind. This explains how we can use our own mind and mental energy to create what we desire. Magic in essence is a mental art, the act of mental transmutation by means of the conscious will. Often when we first think of the word transmutation we think of alchemy and the turning of base metals into gold or into other forms of matter. The art of mental transmutation is no different, as it is the ability to change the mental conditions of the self therefore influencing change in the outside world. As all change begins within to then manifest outside and into the physical. If fact some of our greatest spiritual role models from Jesus to Merlin where all masters of the mental arts therefore possessing great abilities. Through this mental mastership these masters possessed great control over other forms of energy including the elements of nature. This helps in explaining how Jesus was able to turn water into wine and Merlin was able to physically shape-shift into another forms. All this and much more is possible when mastering the art of mental transmutation.


"As Above, So Below; As Below, So Above"

This Principle embodies the truth that the spirit of Prime Creator is the same conscious spirit found within all life. Yet all life forms posses a uniqueness that comes about by the different energies presently manifesting our individual personalities and characteristics. Working with corresponding archetypes, herbs, crystals, and animal energies fall under this category. For each of these items posses unique characteristics that can further your magickal endeavors. For example, rose quartz which posses the energy of love will naturally correspond with the planet Venus as they both contain much of the same energy. So say if you wanted to work a love spell choosing to work it on a Tuesday (Venus’ day) along with having some rose quartz present will help to have a substantial amount of loving energy present. These correspondences work as energetic triggers for the subconscious mind. So technically, rose quartz helps to ignite the energy of self-love within the subconscious helping to further manifest it into the physical.

This principle can be taken even further to help understand correspondence energy on a macro level. A great example of this is the lungs within the human body. Just as we breath, in and out, as humans, so does God with macro breaths being called the in and out breath of Brahma. An IN breath being about 4.3 billion years (in Earth years) and an OUT breath being roughly the same. Many people do not realize just as we breath so does God or the universe. Everything is within everything.


This principle embodies the truth that everything is in motion, everything vibrates, nothing is at rest. This principle explains the different densities and degrees at which matter manifests, making up the various rates of vibration. From God, which is pure spirit down to the densest form of matter, all is in vibration, the higher the vibration the higher the position on the scale. This can be viewed also as light, with God being pure white light. All creation there after contain various amounts of light but gets denser. The lighter you are the more Divine or spirit you embody. The vibration of spirit is at such a rate of intensity that it seems practically at rest-- just as a rapidly moving wheel seems to be motionless. At the other end of the scale there are dense forms of matter whose vibration are so low as to seem at rest. Between these poles, there are millions upon millions of varying degrees of vibration. This law helps us to better understand how some manifestations take time to appear in the physical world. With manifestation beginning planted on the higher planes eventually working their way down. Also keep in mind the lighter you are (or the more light/spirit you embody) the faster your manifestations will appear. This goes back to the whole fast as the speed of light scenario.


Everything is dual, everything has poles, everything has its pair of opposites. Like and unlike are opposite, yet identical in nature just carrying ring and yang portions of the same; this is where extremes meet embodying the divine paradox. This principle embodies the fact that everything has its pair of opposites making up a whole. For example, hot is the opposite of cold, although opposites are really the same thing just existing at varying degrees between the two extremes. When taking a closer look at a thermometer we can better see how the two blend into each other making it difficult to find where heat ends and cold begins, there is no exact heat or exact cold, the term heat and cold simply indicate varying degrees of the same thing. The principle of polarity explains all paradoxes such as black and white, male and female, ect. It also helps us to better understand the positive and negative mental states of man along with our energy on a fundamental level and that which we are magnetically drawing towards us.


When envisioning this principle a picture of the pendulum comes to mind. The pendulum swings back and forth, to and fro as it is the motion between the two polarities that is embody in this principle. Within everything there is a manifested measure of motion, just as the tides ebb and flow, the moon waxes and wanes, and the seasons begin and end. This principle is found within the life and death of all things. Constantly beginning and ending the cycle that makes up the circle of all life. Over time this principle can be found repeat itself creating similar situations and lessons just with different faces, places, or scenarios. To end a cycle of such circumstance one must rise above the cycle becoming a master of circumstances. One aspect to mastering this principle is becoming master of neutralization within the mind. Polarizing the self to the point of rest and truly understanding the meaning of ‘being’ instead of ‘doing’.


This principle embodies the fact that there is a cause to every effect and an effect for every cause. This is also where karma falls as every intent that is put out into the universe begins the first step or cause that will eventually manifest the effect. These various intents make up the varying levels of cause and effect. It explains that everything happens according to law and nothing is simply ‘just a coincidence’. The art to mastering this principle is understanding which effects you desire therefore producing the cause to bring that desire into manifestation. This practice helps to ignited the causal chakra located a few inched above the head. This chakra houses higher spiritual ideals, wisdom, compassion, and oneness.


This principle embodies the truth that both the Masculine and Feminine Principle are manifested in everything and everyone. Every female contains the male component, just as every male contains a female element. This principle extends further in explaining mental gender and how the mind contains both qualities for manifestation to work as well as the advanced psychic abilities to be possible. The Masculine being that of the projector with the feminine being that of the receiver, all of creation is a product of this pairing.

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