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Paranormal Activity: The Different Types Of Hauntings

Every haunting is a unique sitituation with its own unique set of circumstances, causes, and methods needed to remedy that situation, if a remedy is possible.

With hauntings accuring all around the world and the growing interest to further understand the mysteries surrounding such occurrences, below is a beneficial guide to help shine a light into the unseen realms of these mystifying occurrences.

Different Types of Hauntings

When it comes to the various types of hauntings, intent and pattern of activity are two very helpful factors in determining what exactly is transpiring. With intent usually falling under one of two categories, those being benevolent or malevolent.

Benevolent- Well meaning, good natured, kindly.

Malevolent- Malicious, hostile, wishing to impose negative onto another.

Discerning which catergory your haunting falls within will help to not only better understand the situation at hand but also the wise next steps to take in regards to its nature. It is possible to live happily with the precence of a benevolent spirit yet it is alwasys important to keep an eye on and monitor the activity occurring. Generally this can be done by 'feeling out' the situation over a period of time to better determine which activity is more present.

Common Benevolent Hauntings

Residual Haunting- These hauntings are the left over subconscious impressions from a power experience. The experience could have been either happy or traumatic but the energy at the time of its occurrence left an imprint with the episode replaying itself over and over leaving many individual experiencing its byproduct. Residual hauntings are actually quite common with the more subtle energies of these events often going unnoticed.

Signs & Symptoms

Often hearing time period related music, sounds, or noises. This can include gunshot sounds, screaming, dancing, laughter, ect

Often smelling particular scents that resonate with the event including perfume/tobacco

Seeing glimpse of particular parts of the traumatic event that had occurred including people

Trickster Spirits- These are the masciouvous spirits that like to play (often) harmless tricks and games usually for their own amusement. These spirits can include fairies, larvae, and a variety of others. Generlly they will misplace items, trick you into thinking your communicating with your crossed over grandma or other things that may make you feel like your are loosing your mind. Depending upon how grounded you are will depend upon how much they get away with.

Positive Familiar Spirits- Spirits falling under this category encompass your spirit guides, crossed over loved ones, and animal familiar spirits. Though not techinquily a haunting they do let their presence be know and often in a loving and peaceful way, whether threw a light breeze of air, a gentle nudge, particular thought, random song, or an item of significance just showing up. These signs are generally always accompanied with a soft and gentle feeling or a sensation of love and peace but never freighting.

Earthbound Spirits- These are for the most part the commonly termed 'ghosts' we are oh so familiar with. With most of these spirits being human in nature they are usually lost, confussed, or afraid to go into the light. Often many of their earthly desires still keeping them attached to this plane. Though some are rather harmless, many are not and would benefit from the help of being crossed over.

Signs & Symptoms

Cold spots and sensations

Feeling uneasy or being watched

Footsteps and a variety of other random unexplained noises

Sightings of people, shadows, or movement out of the corner of your eye

Objects being misplaced or moved, appliances being turned off and on

Health related changes including depression, anxiety, headaches, nausea, persistent or unexpected illness when healthy previously.

Common Malevolent Hauntings

Curses and Hexes- Often laughed off in regards to its validity, curses and hexes are indeed very real and have the very real potential of causing significant harm. They can also be attached to a particular family line that can continue indefinitely unless broken. Many symptoms accompanied by such an act usually depends highly on the type of curse or hex, but are usually followed with some common physical, mental, and emotional signs. Many typical signs include anxiety, depression, hopelessness, stress, and with prolonged effect can even beginning to disrupt your health with disease occurring. Hair falling out, unexplained accidents and other odd sign can be attributed to such a circumstance.

Negative Spirits- This grouping includes a large variety of negative beings but with them all holding the same negative intent which is generally to cause harm, discontent, and/or death. Negative spirits can be both familiar (possibly someone from this lifetime) or an unfamiliar spirt still holding onto vengeance, hatred, or ill will. Often they are lost and confussed with no greater awareness of their soul and spiritual nature.

Signs & Symptoms

Signs that are intended to scare and push over the edge including loud noises, disturbing feelings and touching, nigh-terrors, misplaced items or items being throw, severe health issues (sleep paralysis, heart issues, hospitalization) and even death or suicide

Poltergeists- This particular haunting is actually very complex but is created threw means of psychic phenomena (often unknowingly by someone with psychic abilities) but is fed enough power where it begins to take on a consciousness of its own with it often needing the energy it was created by to sustain its existence . Its signs and symptoms largely depending upon the level it is at.

Signs & Symptoms

Loud noises including banging on the walls, doors being slammed, items moving on their owns.

Appliances being turned on and off

Negative Multi-Dimensional Beings (Demonic)- In an infiniteness universe multi-dimensional beings (better known as ETs) can be attributed to many supernatural occurrences. As with all things, there is negative and there is positive and these beings are no different with each case depending upon the intent of that particular being in question along with many other factors. For the most part though, if there is a multi-dimensional being in question it is more than likely of a malevolent and often demonic nature. Demons in these cases intend to break down and posses ( physically, mentally, emotionally ).

Signs & Symptoms

Becoming socially withdrawn with the individual becoming angry, hateful, vengeful, and violent towards those whom they were once close to. Often occurring without reason

Sudden on-set of mental and emotional illness (schizophrenic, paranoia, hallucinations, delusions, bi-polar, abuse of all types). Extreme addictions and behavior including suicidal or homicidal tendencies or thoughts

Signs of outside physical abuse including scratches, bruises, burns

A general disregard for the state of their own body, mind, and spirit, and that of others

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