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Celestial Magick ☾ Full Moon in Virgo

Time is the greatest of illusions! As the clicking of the clock moves minute by minute, creating a reality that is only as real as we choose to believe.

The Ancients primary means of keeping "time" was threw the tracking and studying of celestial placements. How the planets were aligned, where the stars were located, and which astrological signs fell where all spoke of divine truth and a way in which to predict future events, become better aware of the past (including past lives), and how to fully integrate the present.

Balance and living in tune with nature and the cosmos is where the Divine shall be found. And aligning oneself and magick with the celestial energies helps to further strengthen the connection with your co-creator within.

Full Moon in Virgo


Virgo energy is analytical and detail oriented. It can have a nit-picky nature but thats only because it can see the potential in everything. Virgos take the passion and the creative ideas and turn them into something practical that can be enjoyed by all. Virgo energy is found in the artists detailed brush strokes and refined technique. It loves organization and can posses perfectionist under/overtones. So with this blast of Virgo energy on its way this full moon challenge yourself to become aware of the little ways to successfully channel this energy.

Take Inventory

Do an inventory of your life. Reflect on what is working and what is not, letting go of that which is no longer serving your highest good. Use the energies this month to discern where changes need to take place, paying particularly close attention to your daily routines.

Be of Service

Virgo is all about being of service, as it has a knack for seeing the potential in others. So this month look for little ways you can bring happiness to others. Everything you put out you will receive and its the little things that matter the most. Just a simple smile can work wonders in your karmic favor!

Be Healthy

There is a strong connection between Virgos and Alternative Health, with many nurses/doctors, ect, containing a lot of Virgo in their charts. This full moon take stock of your own health, diet, and morning/evening routines. Virgo loves forming habits, so are there any beneficial ones you can add or take out? Daily meditations, yoga, healthy smoothies, ect?

Get Organized

Now is a great time to tidy up, Virgos thrive in an organized environment, with now being a great time to play catch up with filing papers, paying bills, buying a planner, you know basic 'adulting' stuff, that Virgos happen to love so much.

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