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5 Practical Ways To Upgrade Your Spell Work

Between rituals, the act of casting spells helps to keep the energies flowing in the right direction. And although they are meant to be kept simple in nature, in reality their subtle energetic impact has the real potential to pack that much needed magickal punch.

Luckily there are a variety of simple steps you can take to boost your spells and in-turns your manifestations. Below you will find five simple, yet powerful ways to not only magnify your results but also produce clearer outcomes.


5 Practical Ways To Upgrade Your Spell Work

1. Cast in Nature

Everyday society insists that we are separate from nature, yet in reality this is just not true. And in all actuality this illusion of separation also keeps us separate from the faint realm of spirit. Earth is our true home and all the spiritual energies found within ourselves can be found outside in nature. Nature is one the most cherished of teachers and to work magick in natural areas add an element of power to any spell. Being among nature also allows the opportunity to watch for signs such as animals, insects, and plants along with the opportunity to tap into the sea of natural energies all around.

2. Raise Energy Creatively

The energy we put into our manifestations is the nurturing force needed to bring that which is desired, to life. This force can come in a variety of ways but in essence it is the energy you raise and then channel into your spell. For example, we look at the Native American Rain Dance Ceremony. Long droughts are a common issue within the Southwest, with the Native Americans taking this issue into their own hands by means of the Rain Dance Ceremony. Over an amount of time they would dress in costumes, chant, dance, and many other things to raise the appropriate amount of energy to produce the rain they greatly needed. This same method of raising energy creatively can be incorporated into your own craft. So next time you work your spells look for inventive ways to raise your energy, whether it be in the form of chanting, dancing, or listening to music, these all play on your emotions which can then be channeled appropriately.

3. Use Incense To Focus The Mind

The mind is magick and all magick begins in the mind. The Ancient Egyptian Ahnk is symbolic of this power and the power the mind holds. And in magick we work to focus the mind, train the mind, and understand the mind. Thankfully there are many herbs, crystals, and tools to help in this process with one of the most simple yet potent being Rosemary. Whether burned as an incense or used as an essential oil, have alittle rosemary on hand to help bring peace, clarity, and focus to the mind.

4. Invoke The Masters

The ascended masters, angles, deities, and various guides on the other side all work behind the scenes for our highest good, ALWAYS. And they love to help and be of service, the only catch is they have to be asked as they will never interfere with our own free will. So next time you are looking for ways to advance in any spiritual areas call on the masters for their assistance in lending their wisdom and power. They would be more than happy to be of help.

5. Set Crystal Clear Intentions

Intentions are the foundation of a manifestation as well as the karmic point of reference. To have a clear intention makes the world of difference and I am a firm believer in detail, detail detail! The more detailed your intention the more you have the opportunity to manifest exactly what you are aiming for. And all details left out become energetic holes that the universe will automatically fill in for you. So if you want a sweater be detailed, it can make the difference in receiving a wool, blue, crimson lined sweater verses 'Just a sweater'.

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