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Crystals Of The Underworld

The underworld is the most enchanting of places and it is symbolic of the subconscious mind, the mothers womb were all creations are forged, nurtured, and cradled till birthed into physical manifestation.

It is also strongly connected to the shadow-side of our existence and houses all memories (both of this present life, past lives, and lives yet come to pass). All karma related events, traumas, pains, and wounds quietly wait in the hidden corridors and corners of this realm, often directing and dictating our life unconsciously until the day we venture, bravely, into its darkness with lantern in hand.

Threw out the day we visit this domain, often unconsciously, by means of daydreams or whenever we begin to 'drift off '. When this happens it is important to remember you are still creating your reality and is wise so be mindful of these dreams you are creating.

Below you will find six crystals ruled by the underworld with a direct rulership (also indirect by means of astrological signs) held by the planet Pluto, the lord that holds dominion of the underworld, subconscious-mind, and death/rebirth. These crystals will help to enhance your creative potential, thus enhance your manifestations, develop your psychic and astral senses, along with helping to aid in shadow work of all kinds.


Smoky Quartz - A wonderful stone to assist in dissolving emotional blockages.

It also helps to refine the vibratory energies when one is in a state of meditation and used extensively during active contact with other worlds. Its effects are long and lasting and strengthening to the intuition. Promotes personal pride and joyful living.

Obsidian - Is volcanic glass with it holding the energetic property to reflect ones flaws and promote a clear picture of the changes which are necessary to eliminate these flaws. Very helpful during shadow work to produce blunt answers and promote inner vision, guiding the individual on the appropriate corse of action to balance and heal. It provides keen insight into the cause of dis-ease. A very grounding and centering stone that naturally shields one against negativity, neutralizing and transforming these vibrations into a higher state.

Snowflake Obsidian - Resembling snow fall on a cold and dark winter night,