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Top 15 Herbs For Effective Spiritual Protection

Everything is not necessarily what you see and what you see is not necessarily everything there is.

We live in a dimension that tip-toes on the edge of the supernatural. With most of us feeling spirit, seeing spirit or hearing spirit, yet the mundane pulls us back...... back into material and physical existence.

This pulling back and forth much like a teeter-totter between the realms can have a tremendous (and often unconscious) affect on your energy.

Day to day mundane activities are big energy influencers in general, with many of their impacts so common, they tend to be over looked, with the root source and cause going unnoticed.

A Common Example.......

Have you ever walked into a room and felt the tension? Possibly there was an argument before you entered or an individual in the room previously was depressed or ill, this left over energy is prescribed the name 'residual energy'. In fact, this residual energy has the very real potential to affect your aura on a very subtle level and can manifest in very 'common' or 'normal' signs including mood swings, headaches, or just a sense of feeling energetically tired or drained.

To combat these scenarios, thankfully, we have the knowledge of energy and magick. With many spiritual traditions practicing what is known as 'protection magick often drawing from both traditional and non-traditional methods with a focus on strengthening the self from the inside out and on all levels.

One simple yet effective step towards protecting the subtle energies of your aura is through cultivating a relationship and working with the various herbs, resins, and essential oils. Each carrying its own uniques energetic profile and personality. Some herbs alter moods, induce trance, attract love or money or tap into a celestial or seasonal energy. Below is a list of the top 15 Herbs to work Effective Protection Magick, known for their tried-and-true protective and cleansing properties. Used along side a protective regime of your choosing, the energies of your subtle bodies can be better kept shielded from the sea of various energies often influencing us unconsciously.

Top 15 Herbs For Effective Protection Magick


・Dragons Blood - Known for its powerful protective qualities dragon's blood is ruled by the planet Mars and fiercely burns and destroys any negative energy, acting much like a warrior in battle.

・Copal - Is the sap from a tree native to Mexico and when burned posses a powerful crisp and sharp clearing quality.

・Frankincense - Contains a very masculine energy and is often the incense most commonly used within the Catholic church.

・Myrrh - Posses a feminine quality and is often burned in conjunction with its masculine counter part frankincense to produce a powerful sacred space.


White Sage - A favorite choice among Native American healers and generally the most popular choice within most modern spiritual circles.

White Pine - Often burned near the winter solstice to invoke the powerful protection of the God force, ruled by both Sun and Jupiter.

・Cedar - Another Native American traditional herb used for cleansing that works harmoniously with sage and sweetgrass as an incense.

・Sweetgrass - Used during traditional Native American sweat lodge ceremonies, can be carried as a protective totem or kept in the home to attract positive energies.

・Palo Santo - With its name literally meaning 'holy tree' Palo Santo is a staple in South American sacred rituals regarded as an essential tool of the Shamans. A refreshing scent with hints of mint and citrus that is believed to bestow good fortune when used regularly over time.

・Cinnamon - Sticks of cinnamon can be used as a natural smudger to promote protection.

・Cloves - Commonly used as protection 'spikes' within witch bottles spells and rituals.

・Lavender - A beloved herb of the fairies and nature spirits, it is both relaxing and versatile with one particular use being to support, cleanse, and protect a sacred space.

・Mugwort - Traditionally used to banish the energy of illness, it helps to stimulate the flow of healthy energy as well as can be burned to banish spirits and induce visionary properties.

・Sweet Fern - Mix with mugwort and juniper to repel unwanted pests and energies.

・Sandalwood - Used as a meditation tool within the Buddhist tradition it is believed to invoke the Divine, further driving out any existing malevolent energies.

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