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How Balanced Are You?

Balancing the Elements Within

Balancing the elements within is an important aspect in any spiritual practice with the pentagram being representative of this balance. This quiz is an enlightening way to see where you stand in regards to the balance within your own life, shining a light on those areas needing more or less attention.


Each element contains questions that you will answer with either yes or no. At the end of the quiz add the 'no' answers up to see which areas of yourself is in need of further balancing.


- Intellect and Thought -

I am curious about life and everything

I pursue ongoing organized study (in any field)

I have a vivd imagination

I have the ability to think logically

I have the ability to organize information

I can alter my consciousness at will

I have the ability to focus and concentrate

I can easily redirect my thoughts

I use different ways of "knowing"

I usually know where to find information


- Passion, Direction, Focused Energy -

My life goals are clear

I am effective at achieving my goals

I have a high energy level

I understand will and how to direct it

I exhibit focused passion in my interests

I have strong asser