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The Magick of the Super Blood Blue Moon!

Welcome to the first 'Super Blood Blue Moon' in over 150 years, a rare celestial event we haven't seen since 1866. Having this type of eclipse in the sign of leo is also extremely rare and has not occurred in hundreds or possibly even thousands of years.

This magickal moon is happening this Wednesday, January 31, 2018, with it combining all the energies of a lunar eclipse, blood moon, super-moon, and blue moon!

So what does all this mean, exactly? And how can we use these energies to our magickal advantage? Well, lets break it down



A super-moon, which generally happens 4-6 times per year, is a new or full moon at its closest point to Earth. Because of it being so close to Earth it possess an oversized look, as if you could reached out your hand and touch it. Super-moons possess ALOT of spiritual and emotional energy and with this moon the energetic impact will be strong.


There are three types of eclipse




The key difference between the three depends on whether the moon is closer or further away from the Earth. During an annular the moon is at its furthest than compared to a total eclipse where it is at its closest (this full moon being a total eclipse). An eclipse, either way, is a super-powerful lunation, with effects lasting six months or more. This six months syncs ups with the next up coming eclipse that will take place in July 2018. Eclipses are energy portals and BIG energy enhancers because they contain the energy of a new or full moon plus so much more! For example, your driving in your car hating where your heading then all of a sudden BAM an eclipse happens and a new route, more aligned with your highest purpose and good, reveals itself. We welcome eclipse energy with open arms as they end the old to birth a beautiful new!


when an eclipse takes place, the particular moon phase it falls under will determine if it is either solar or lunar.

・New Moon = Solar Eclipse