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Witchcraft Online Classes ☾

You Have Witchcraft In Your Lips......

After many months in the making I am very excited to officially announce the launch of Black Moon Witchcraft! I have been holed up, for what feels like an eternity creating classes that are accessible for All. Whether living outside of the Nashville, Tn area or just preferring the pace of an online class, these matters have made me aware of the need for an education resource catering towards those individuals looking to deepen their knowledge and study of the craft, yet preferring an online (work-at-your-own-pace) style.

There are currently three classes available, with

Black Moon Witchcrafts 13 Month Mentorship and the

Witching Hour Class Series soon to be added. All to nurture your inner mystical witch and create a charmed life!

A big thank you to every one, especially those who encouraged and supported this way of teaching, threw letting your requests and interests be known arcane truths and magickal knowledge is now made more available for those whose name it calls.

Witchcraft & Magick

Online Classes

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YouTube Videos

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Witch's Wisdom

Online & In-Person Readings

Online Readings

In-Person Reading

(Walk In, No Appt Needed)


Thursday 2 - 6pm @ AromaGregory Soap & Tea Co 223 Donelson Pike Nashville, TN 37214

(615) 360-8089

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for Online Reading)

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