In a world of both seen and unseen protecting oneself is a wise and powerful act and our right as sovereign beings. Within this class we will explore the important fundamentals, techniques, and correspondences of both traditional and nontraditional leaving one with practical tools, knowledge, and confidence regarding this dynamic art.


Together we will : 


・Learn to recognize & diagnose psychic or magickal harm

・Techniques for psychic hygiene and prevention

・Associated symbols and stones

・Herbal blended recipes

・Potions and witches bottles

・Guardian spirits and power animals

・Traditional wards, shielding, and banishing  


  • Introduction 
  • What exactly is psychic attack 
    • Foundations and fundamentals
  • Symptoms of psychic harm
    • Detective work
  • Psychic Hygiene
    • Physical Body
    • Emotional Body
    • Mental Body
    • Soul Body
  • Protection Prevention
    • Traditional techniques
      • Amulets Wards and Shields
      • Bindings and Banishing
      • Reversal and Counter Magick
  • Correspondences of Power!
    • Symbols
    • Stones
    • Herbs
      • Herbal recipes
  • Spirits Guardians
    • Evocation
    • Angels 
    • Power animals
    • Guardian nature spirits























Psychic Protection Magic