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NEW*** BLOOD RITUAL VIAL SETS*** Only Available at Häxan Occult Shop ☽ ((Newest Shop Item)) 🖤

***Available in -Lovers Kit (Two Vials) or -Single Kit (One)***

As the ultimate sacrifice, offering your blood to another deepens your bond, transcending the physical to then permanently access the spiritual. It can be used to strengthen your connection with a lover, yourself, friends or family.

This is a special kit with everything you will need to create two beautiful amulets including two environmentally friendly hand blown glass vials sourced from a women owned small business passionate about her craft.

The equipment used to assist in the blood drawing process was consciously assembled for a effortless and memorable experience.

Blood magic is an ancient art used to create and fuel the bonds between souls. In this hand crafted kit you are able to construct your very own blood vial amulets including a complete set of medical tools to aid in this process.

Blood Vial Ritual Kit includes

- One 1 1/4 glass vial with sterling silver cap. Includes rubber cork for maximum security

- One sterling silver 20 inch chain

- One hand crafted blood drawing supplies kit to ensure proper blood drawing

- One tube of super glue

- A guide of complete instructions for a successful blood ritual consecration


Please use at your own risk, Häxan assumes no liability for its use or misuse.


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