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Private Mentoring Experience

Would you like to strengthen your spiritual practice?

Lets face it there is a lot of occult information out there and often it can get overwhelming especially when there are so many type of magic, traditions, and orders. Not to mention extending this into when to conduct a ritual, how to perform it, and what all should be present. Sometimes this can leave you feeling unsure and confused, possible abandoning your spiritual practice all together or losing interest and consistency.  Often the sheer amount of outside responsibilities and obligations can mean scarfing a meaningful  and fulfilling spiritual practice. 

I can completely relate because I was there! When I first started on my witchcraft journey I would read all the books, take all the classes but I somehow struggled with finding fun and fulfilling rituals that I could stay consistent with and follow threw with success. In fact, it took four years to truly gain confined in my abilities as a witch and see successful manifestation in the physical reality.

Hi my name is Lindsay a seer, witch, and self- care and empowerment coach and I want you to help you create a fun and fulfilling spiritual practice! One where you can feel empowering in your abilities as a witch threw real world results. In fact, when I strengthen my spiritual practice so did my belief, intuition, and manifestation abilities. I was able to quit my part-time job to pursue witchcraft full-time. I out of the blue, no lie, had someone offer to pay off my student loan. I was basically given 20,000 to get a new car, and clientela was at its best. I saw my personal relationships strengthen as a direct result of my ability to stay consistent with my magic and have fun. Some of the most inspiring positive people I have encountered are from the direct result of working within the spiritual community. And I want this for YOU and so much more!
Let me help you
Strengthen your inner witch and your spiritual practice! I want you to find joy in your abilities and feeling confident in your connection to the Divine. Able to practice rituals consistency and with confidence in knowing there potential to manifest. In the private mentoring experience you will be able to achieve this and so much more. We take it week by week going deeper into you as a spiritual being coming full circle threw threw the process feeling more whole, confident, and witchy!
The Process

Soul Codes- You are completely unique and there is NOT nor will NOT be anyone like you! Your personal birth chart gives incredible insight into your unique needs on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Shadow Work- We will work with shadow to understand, acknowledged, then transmute, and release any fears or blocks.

Intuitive Wisdom- Your intuition is your souls way of communicating the path to choose that will lead you to your highest potential. It's important to build this relationship and strengthen trust in yourself and your unique process.

Cycles of Nature- Everything that is occurring on a celestial level is also occurring in the physical reality. Connecting and aligning with the ancient wisdom of celestial placements, moon phases, and cycles of nature means reclaiming ancient wisdom and your divine connection.   

Rituals- Ritual is the psychical portal between you and the universe. Done consistently they build power and strengthen your uniques witchy abilities, while keeping them fun and fulfilling 

Discovering this process form the beautiful and talented witch, Tenea Stewart, I took the outline and adopted into my own mentoring program making in unique in experience and practice.


Four private one-on-one video calls

Unlimited text and voice note support (during business hours)

Three private astrology readings

Four follow up packets after calls with further customized resources and journal prompts


6 and 12 week sessions available by application only

Above describes a 12 week session

Week 1-3 we‘ll have our first call to go over your inner witch reading and support in uncovering blocks 

Week 4-6 We‘ll explore your intuitive nature with another reading 

And find your divine tools

Week 7-9 We‘ll explore the tools and systems you want to work with,such as moon phases,seasons, astrology and your ancestral traditions

Week 10-12 : in our last few weeks, well dive into your ritual style and create rituals that fulfill your spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional needs!

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