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The Art of Scrying

A truly ancient art, the act of scrying has been practiced by priest, priestesses, and many of alike who had the prophetic gift to see past, present, and that which had not yet come to pass.

These individuals where

revered throughout the kingdoms of the past and sat at the right hand of the kings and queens of the time, offering counsel and wisdom to further the flourishment of their empires.

From the Oracles of Delphi who consulted their sacred springs to the Ancient Egyptians who would use cherished vessels filled with divine oils, scrying is as much normal as it is paranormal. By the Victorian era scrying had become common place, favored by both aristocrat and commoners of the day often using fancy hand held mirrors. Traces of it's use can also be linked to both Queen Elixabeth I and the beloved Merlin of King Arthur.

The Art of Scrying

Tools of the Trade

~ A Tool Containing a Reflective Surface

~ Colors Black and Red

Items containing a reflective surface help to induce the trance that is needed to produce the images and visions. This could be a cast iron pot filled with water or you could scry at night while gazing into a pool of water, river, or stream. Divining at night help this process as it taps into both the lunar and energies of the night. Other reflective tools worth experimenting with include the use of a mirror, or black crystal ball. Any of the following sphere shaped Crystals of the Underworld are perfect for this purpose. Nostradamus in ledged had implemented the use of a black mirror to divine his visions and predictions of the human race. Both black and silver mirrors are commonly used as well. Having in some form the colors black and red also help this process as they further tap into the unconscious mind and ignite creativity. How you choose to implement these colors is completely unique to the individual. The most common method being a dark room with a red candle as the only source of light use


Grounding prior to beginning helps for many reason specifically helping in the discerning process, determining which visions, images, and predictions are truth vs coming from your own imagination. It also helps in staying focused through the process.

Enter Trance threw beginning to focuse into the reflective surface. It helps to position yourself to where you do not see your own reflection. Have you ever focused on something so long you begin to loose focus? This essentially is the goal of scrying with the key being to loosen your mind allowing it to go wherever it wishes.

Close by coming black down to "reality" either threw splashing some water onto you or simply taking a few minute to sit away from the scrying tool. This helps to get your mind 'out of the clouds' so to speak.

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