For centuries, gatherings of magickal folk, spiritual unicorns, witches, mystics, sages, and magis has brought many together with the common goal to be among those with like minds. A place were the imagination runs wild and anything and all is possible. A sacred space where one can operate at full self expression, allowing all emotions to be felt and validated, as well as being fully supported and accepted by a group holding only the vibration of unconditional love. An environment, in turns, manifesting a magickal family, bonded through trust, respect, compassion, and above all else love.


The Coven is this place, and is Welcome to ALL, where ever you maybe on your spiritual journey.

The Cove celebrates, encourages, and inspires creativity, being your unique self fully and at all times. The power of imagination, nonsensical fun, and being alive and present within every moment life has to offer. Feeling the magick of life, ALWAYS!     



Some of the magick that can be found within a monthly membership includes : 


 Complete access to The Coven Community where you can meet and engage with other enchanting individuals all taking part in the journey towards true self discovery and soul remembrance. The Coven is not limited to those interested or who only practice magick, it is open to everyone looking to advance spiritually while having the support of a community sharing similar goals.  


☾  Complete access to your own personal membership account where you can upload pictures, videos, add to the community discussions through posts and comments, share music, art, or any other other skill or talent for the community to enjoy! Even better you can search members to plan and meet up in person for group rituals or magickal workings.


☾  All Coven Members receive first access to newly released classes and material completely for FREE, before released to the public


☾  Complete access to The Gatherings, a live interactive get-together open to all Coven members. The Gatherings are held every Second Saturday of the month at 12:00pm pacific time, where all of the following and along with much more can be found:


Witch’s Wisdom Tea Time : Live Q & A, where you ask the questions and Lindsay will provide the insight and wisdom. 

★ Magickal Full Moon and New Moon Parties


★ Guided Meditations and Vision Journeys

★ Live group discussions and chats all held within a supportive space cultivating spiritual guidance, encouragement, understanding, and love


★ Live Rituals and Spells

★ Interviews with World Renowned and Community Recognized Spiritual Warriors, Magickal Pioneers, and Paradigm Shifting Individuals


 In the case you are unable or would prefer to not attend a live gathering there is always a recorded version to view whenever is most convenient for you


Even Better!! Ever day within the coven is magickal, enlightening, and inspiring including daily, unique and empowering affirmations, spells, and rituals. As well as being introduced to new music, musicians, art, recipes, ideas, philosophies, and paradigm shifting experiences!


The Coven 


A monthly membership of $20 with the First month always FREE!


© 2017 All Rights Reserved 

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