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Black Moon Witchcraft


Teaching witchcraft & magick threw online classes in a convenient work at your own pace style.


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Black Moon




November 19, 2018

This past Friday, November 16th, I was kindly asked to share my views on behalf of Witchcraft, as the crew from the Tennessee Wraith Chasers investigated the Bell Witch Cabin in Adams, TN.

Both an amazing time and wonderful experience I am very thankful for the opportunity to get more occult knowledge in the homes of others as well as hear from all you fellow magical folk around the...

November 2, 2018


The Universal Laws are the boundaries that maintain all energetic order. They could be called the laws of truth, for unlike modern society laws which are merely an illusion created in the minds of men and further reinforced threw societies choosing to place power of belief in them, the Universal Laws transcend time and space, embody pure truth, and act as a...

October 26, 2018

“ Healing does not mean the damage never existed. 

It means the damage is no longer in control of your life. ”

The duality of the shadow holds both our greatest fears yet at the same time offers us an opportunity to experience our highest potential. 

Reaching this potential is the destination while healing and wholeness with oneself becomes our ultimate journey.  

So, come travel into the sh...

April 16, 2018

  A truly ancient art, the act of scrying has been practiced by priest, priestesses, and  many of alike who had the prophetic gift to see past, present, and that which had not yet come to pass.

These individuals where

revered throughout the kingdoms of the past and sat at the right hand of the kings and queens of the time, offering counsel and wisdom to further the flouris...

April 9, 2018

Every haunting is a unique sitituation with its own unique set of circumstances, causes, and methods needed to remedy that situation, if a remedy is possible. 

With hauntings accuring all around the world and the growing interest to further understand the mysteries surrounding such occurrences, below is a beneficial guide to help shine a light into the unseen realms of the...

February 26, 2018

Time is the greatest of illusions! As the clicking of the clock moves minute by minute, creating a reality that is only as real as we choose to believe. 

The Ancients primary means of keeping "time" was threw the tracking and studying of celestial placements. How the planets were aligned, where the stars were located, and which astrological signs fell where all spoke of  divine truth...

February 19, 2018

Between rituals, the act of casting spells helps to keep the energies flowing in the right direction. And although they are meant to be kept simple in nature, in reality their subtle energetic impact has the real potential to pack that much needed magickal punch.  

Luckily there are a variety of simple steps you can take to  boost your spells and in-turns you...

February 12, 2018

The underworld is the most enchanting of places and it is symbolic of the subconscious mind, the mothers womb were all creations are forged, nurtured, and cradled till birthed into physical manifestation.

It is also strongly connected to the shadow-side of our existence and houses all memories (both of this present life, past lives, and lives yet come to pass). All karma related eve...

February 5, 2018

Everything is not necessarily what you see and what you see is not necessarily everything there is.

We live in a dimension that tip-toes on the edge of the supernatural. With most of us feeling spirit, seeing spirit or hearing spirit, yet the mundane pulls us back...... back into material and physical existence. 

This pulling back and forth much like a teeter-totter between the realms can...

January 29, 2018

Welcome to the first 'Super Blood Blue Moon' in over 150 years, a rare celestial event we haven't seen since 1866. Having this type of eclipse in the sign of leo is also extremely rare and has not occurred in hundreds or possibly even thousands of years.

This magickal moon is happening this Wednesday, January 31, 2018, with it combining all the energies of a lunar eclipse, blood moon, super-moon,...

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